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Green Key Global: 100% Enrolled Digital Toolkit

Green Key Global: 100% Enrolled Identifier (Logo Download)

Download Green Key Global 100% Enrolled Identifier

  • English (includes: .eps, .png and .jpeg)
  • French (includes: .eps, .png and .jpeg)

Green Key Global: Full Logo Suite

Branding Guidelines

Email Signature

Promote Your Efforts: Use the 100% Enrollment email signature

Digital Certificate

For a copy of your digital certificate, please contact Green Key Global.

Press Release Template

Press Release Template


Green Key Global will assist to customize this corporate release. Please contact us to coordiante.

Social Media

  • Post (for use on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) (English / French – Coming Soon)
  • Horizontal Social Media Graphic (English / French)
  • Vertical Social Media Graphic (English / French)

Social Media

Suggested Website Content (English / French – Coming Soon)

Suggested Graphics:

  • Green Key Global 100% Enrolled logo
  • 100% Enrolled Certificate
  • Link to Green Key Global website( for more information