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I have misplaced my login information. How do I access the system?

Your login and password can be automatically retrieved by supplying us with the email address associated with your account.


If you require assistance, please contact us and a member of the Green Key Global team will be happy to help.

How do I become a Green Key Rated property?

Registering as a Green Key Global member is quick, easy, and can be completed online. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming your login information and instructing you on how to access the online self-assessment.


For information on your how to become a Green Key Global member, click here.

How much does it cost to become a Green Key Rated hotel?

Green Key Global membership is an annual fee, which must be renewed on an annual basis in order to maintain your status as a rated property and to continue receiving the benefits associated with membership.


For more information about Green Key Global pricing, please click here for Green Key Eco-Rating pricing or click here for Green Key Meetings pricing.

How do I find a Green Key Global property?

To find a Green Key Rated hotel near you, we invite you to explore the interactive directory, available here.

How many hotels are currently active in the Green Key Program?

The numbers of active hotels in the Green Key Eco-Rating Program change almost daily as new properties join and complete the self-assessment. Explore active Green Key Global members by visiting the interactive directory. Please note that only hotels that have completed the self-assessment and received their Green Key Global rating are listed.

How are the ratings determined?

The Green Key Eco-Rating Self-Assessment consists of approximately 160 questions related to various areas of sustainable hotel operations. Each question has been assigned a specific point value based on the environmental and social impacts a particular action has and its associated impact on guests, employees, management, and the local community.


Green Key Rating:

1 Green Key – 1% – 19.9%
2 Green Keys – 20% – 39.9%
3 Green Keys – 40% – 59.9%
4 Green Keys – 60% – 79.9%
5 Green Keys – 80% – 100%


It is important to recognize that Green Key Global ratings are awarded based on a percentage range and not every hotel in a specific rating level will be doing exactly the same things. For example, one 3 Key property may have recycling bins in each guest room; another 3 Key property may not have recycling bins in each room but staff separate recyclables from the garbage in the back-of-house area.

Is it possible to view the self-assessment questions before joining?

These documents will provide you with an overview of the questions contained within each Green Key Program.


The complete online self-assessment, available to members, consists of a series of questions using a variety of answer option formats i.e. Yes/No, multiple-choice, select all that apply, etc.


To receive a copy of the self-assessment overview(s) please submit the following contact.

Do you do on-site inspections of rated properties?

Upon completing the self-assessment and being awarded a Green Key Eco-Rating, an on-site inspection may be conducted to verify the rating. On-site audits are vital to ensuring that a member’s answers are an accurate reflection of their actions. There is no additional cost to a facility for random on-site audits. At this time, approximately 20% of Green Key Global properties undergo an annual inspection.

I recently stayed at a Green Key Rated property and don’t feel they live up to their rating. Who do I speak to?

The Green Key Global programs are a voluntary, self-administered audit designed to assist a hotel in determining its current environmental footprint. How a hotel chooses to use the information and recommendations presented in their final report is left to their discretion.


Guest satisfaction is the foundation of the hotel industry. The majority of hotels take customer feedback to heart and have processes in place for timely and effective responses. If you have comments, feedback or suggestions as to how the property could improve its initiatives take some time to complete the customer comment forms, leave a letter, send them an email or ask to speak with the General Manager or Customer Service Manager. Feel free to ask about the hotel’s environmental initiatives if you can’t find information on their website or the in-room directory. Any hotel that is proud of its initiatives will be more than happy to share their successes and challenges with you.


Comments and/or complaints about rated hotels sent to Green Key Global will be filed and retrieved when the hotel in question is due for an on-site inspection. Note, however, that Green Key Global does not respond directly to guest complaints.

Is the Green Key Global program available in other countries?

Yes. The Green Key Eco-Rating Program and Green Key Meetings are currently active in Canada, the United States, and more than 15 other countries.

Does the Green Key Program take limited-service properties into consideration?

Understanding that not all hotels offer food and beverage services or meeting facilities, a participating property is given the option to opt-out of one or both of these sections prior to beginning the self-assessment. The system is designed to adjust its calculations to ensure a hotel’s score is not affected by opting out of these sections.

How long does the self-assessment take to complete?

This depends on a number of factors including the size of the property if whether it is a full-service or limited-service property, the number of relevant staff involved and their availability, and programs already in place. In general, completion of the self-assessment will take a property anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

Which employees should be involved in completing the online self-assessment?

Members are strongly encouraged to involve their green, environmental, or sustainability staff or committees (if applicable), as well as the head of each major department. Involving these individuals ensures that the answers provided are consistent and accurate across the entire self-assessment.

How often can a property update its self-assessment to see if its rating has improved?

Green Key Global members are encouraged to update their self-assessment annually, usually at the time of their annual renewal. The program is successful because it is based on making gradual improvement over-time. By updating your self-assessment, you ensure your Green Key Global rating is the most up-to-date.

How do I renew my Green Key Global membership?

Your Green Key Global membership expires one (1) year from the time your property completes the registration. Approximately 60 days prior to your expiry date, you will be issued a renewal reminder along with instructions for keeping your membership up-to-date. For further details please contact us.