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EcoSense Solutions is a patented water conservation product that installs into the existing tank style toilets of multi-resident properties that saves, on average, 30%-40% on monthly water bills. EcoSense Solutions’ patented system achieves these savings by:


  • Automatically shuts off the flow of water when a toilet flood is detected
  • Eliminates both silent and audible toilet leaks
  • Reduces the gallons per flush needed while increasing the flush velocity making any toilet, regardless of efficiency, more efficient


Some other benefits that come from having our system installed:

  • An increase in property NOI
  • Maintenance Savings
  • By eliminating floods some properties have been able to get better insurance rates
  • Rather than replacing your existing toilets and adding to landfills, our system makes any traditional tank style toilet more water efficient


We offer multiple payment options for properties to choose from that range from paying in full up front, paying over time, or even a Pay From Savings model where we do the entire project with no up front costs and we get paid back from the savings the installation of our system produces.


We’d love the chance to do a free water analysis on your property and produce an ROI report for you.




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August 10, 2018


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