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Take Climate Action

Right now, world leaders are at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid to discuss strategies to find solutions to address the climate crisis.


According to The Emissions Gap Report 2019: A UN Environment Synthesis Report, we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15 billion metric tons by 2030.


Green Key Global assesses and measures in nine of the core areas of sustainability and directly impacts seven categories underscored by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Green Key Global will help you make small changes that will help close the gap on the climate crisis.

What is good for the environment can also benefit your bottom line. In addition to your sustainable contributions, a Green Key Global Eco-Rating will help you earn new business through procurement opportunities and the trust of your valued guests trust through third-party certification and marketing initiatives.


Together, we can showcase our sustainable efforts to the world and help save our planet for future generations.


Our communities, guests, and clients have made their voices heard: the future of our planet matters, and so too do our actions to protect it.


Contact Green Key Global to learn more about how you can bolster your sustainable efforts.